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Administrator reader, 13.56MHz Mifare


Product Code: RUD-3

RUD-3 is a miniature reader and writer for 13,56MHz ISO/IEC 14443A and Mifare standard proximity transponders. The reader is supplied from serial USB port which is also used for communication with the device. The RUD-3 can be used as card enroll reader for access control system or any other application which requires card reader. Card can be enrolled straight from the PR Master (version 4.4.6 or higher is required) or using dedicated Roger MiniReader application (version 1.2 or higher is required). RUD-3 can also provide a transponder programmer functionality, but in such cases RARC software (1.4 or higher is required) should be used. Roger company offers SDK programming package that enables a programmer to develop customized applications for a specific requirements. RUD-3 is a USB HID (Human Interface Device) class device and uses drivers  embedded in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operation systems.

The RUD -3 can be used in several different scenarios:

  • as a reader for card enrolling to the RACS access system,
  • as a reader for card enrolling through Roger MiniReader application,
  • as a reader and writer for card programming with RARC application,
  • as a reader and writer used in third party applications using a DLL library provided by SDK software.
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Administrator reader, 13.56MHz Mifare
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