X-Ray and metal detectors

Astrophysics provides more standard features than any other competitor. We believe a strong all-around product includes not charging our customers “add-on” fees for every feature. We also recognize the importance of not just providing features, but effective and innovative features that improve the overall screening experience. We explore a few key features below and provide detailed brochure PDF's to your left. For more information about Astrophysics or our standard  features, please contact us directly.


6 Color imaging


This imaging feature uses atomic number analysis to assign colors based on the object’s density. Each of the 6 colors identifies a specific range of atomic numbers, including organic, low and high inorganic, as well as light, heavy and dense metals. Ultimately 6 Color Imaging distinguishes between objects that 3 color does not, dramatically improving an operator’s material differentiation. With 6 Color, the operator is able to interpret the x-ray image more quickly and isolate threats with precision, increasing both throughput and detection accuracy. Please refer to the Astrophysics 6 Color Imaging brochure for more detailed information.


Picture perfect


This feature analyzes image data to present a cleaner, normalized image. When Picture Perfect is activated, an image containing multiple, layered objects will become flat and clear for increased object visibility. Picture Perfect can be used in color or black and white mode and is commonly the best feature to enhance overall image clarity and object separation.


Real-time diagnostics


All Astrophysics systems are equipped with Real-Time Diagnostics. This diagnostics program continuously monitors several system components, including: power supply, input voltage, generator, bad diode count, e-stop access, entry/exit sensors, temperature, and more. The Real-Time Diagnostics screen is fully accessible for Supervisors and Administrators to review overall system health and print status reports. In case of a system fault, “FAULT” will appear on the display task bar and a description of the fault will appear in the Message Log on the Diagnostics screen. As a safety precaution, the conveyor belt will stop to prevent screening until the fault is resolved. Real-Time Diagnostics permits system owners to monitor the system, and in some cases, prevent or resolve simple faults themselves or via Astrophysics technical phone support.



Standart Features list:

• 6 Color Imaging
• 9 Quadrant Zoom
• Atomic Z-Number Measurement
• Auto Image Archiving
• Baggage Counter
• Color and Black / White Imaging
• Continuous Scanning
• Continuous Zoom up to 64X
• Edge-Enhancement Imaging
• High Penetration Function
• Image Annotation
• Image Distortion Correction
• Image Review
• Manual Bitmap Archive
• Material Discrimination
• Multi-Tier Accessibility
• Network Ready
• Organic/Inorganic Imaging
• Picture Perfect
• Print Image Capable
• Pseudo Color
• Real-Time Image Manipulation
• Real-Time Diagnostics
• Reverse Monochrome
• Standard Operator Training
• Vertical Zoom Panning



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