What is apart of smoke and head ventilation systems?

Smoke and heat ventilation systems are used as active fire protection, which allows releasing heat and smoke through skylight hatches. Combined with automatic control it enables keeping building inside temperatures stable even during heat waves and lowers the risks of fire due to systems overheating. In case of fire, system will guide smoke out of the building to secure safe evacuation and extinguishing works.

What is apart of smoke and head ventilation systems?


To control 24 V DC linear and chain drives for smoke extraction and natural ventilation.

  • 24 V power supply, emergency power batteries and charging unit
  • 72 hours of functioning guaranteed in case of power failure
  • tested according to EN 12101-9 and DIN EN 12101-10


OUTLU X-type roof access hatches manufactured by UA B Buitmena are intended for safe and convenient accessing the roof. If equipped with a transparent dome, it additionally performs the function of natural light illumination of rooms situated under the hatch.  

Electric drives are used for opening and closing windows and skylights intended for ventilation or smoke removal. Depending on the dimensions of windows and skylights, the drive appropriate in terms of capacity is selected from a broad range of mechanisms. The aforementioned electric units can operate with room ventilation stations, which allow controlling windows or skylights as entire units or by segments, as well as with units protecting against atmospheric factors, i.e. rain/wind sensors.



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