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Inter-M has been building quality commercial sound and professional audio products for more than 3 decades. Inter-M has a reputation for precision design and fabrication, resulting in a proven track record for the reliability of... Подробнее


8x8 matrix mixer/controller
Код продукта: PX8000
8 BGM x 8 ZONE MATRIX 8 local control 4 remote microphone Trigger contact (8) for remote message playback Output exp...
Remote microphone station
Код продукта: rm8000
Remote Microphone Easy cat5e wiring (power, audio, communications) Broadcast Microphone primary supply Microphone Level LED ...
Mixer/Amplifier, 340W
Код продукта: pam_340
MODULAR DESIGN Optional modules can be installed in multiple configurations for convenience and ease of use. Choose the PAM-CDA (Compact Dis...
Mic with zone control for PAM-Series
Код продукта: RM-05A
SPEAKER LINE CONTROL Speaker zone of PAM-340A/480A  PCT-610/620 can be controlled by RM-05A. CHIME AND TALK FUNCTION ...