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SmartLine036: conventional control panel with 4 zones expandable to 36


Код продукта: P2101
  • Conventional fire-detection control panel.
  • Available with 2 zones, 4 zones expandable to 20, 4 zones expandable to 36
  • Certified EN54 / EN54-2
  • Certified EN12094-1 (Fire extinction)
  • Supports up to 32 devices per zone
  • Manages SmartLetLoose/ONE Fire Extinction board (Function EN12094-1 Approved)
  • 1 supervised alarm output (NAC)
  • 1 output for communicator/dialler activation
  • 1 dry-contact alarm output
  • 1 dry-contact fault output
  • 1 ancillary power supply output
  • 1 interruptible power supply output
  • 1 additional terminal per zone configurable as: open-collector output, supervised input, Gas detector input with 4-20mA interface
  • Battery shutdown relay for deep discharge conditions
  • Backlit graphic display for easy management of Installer/User interface
  • Navigation keys for easy access to graphic display functions
  • Fast keys (Silence, Reset, Evacuate, Investigate)
  • RS485 BUS for the connection of Repeater panels and Power supply stations (SmartLevel)
  • Buzzer (provides audible signals)
  • 8 Timers
  • 8 logical equations
  • Automatic balancing of individual detector lines
  • RS232 connector for system programming from a PC
  • Programming software
  • Easy system programming from the control panel
  • Access key for Level 2 functions (EN54 compliant)
  • Thermal probe for battery optimization
  • Battery efficiency test
  • Extensive application of SMD reflux technology for higher reliability
  • Metal enclosure
  • Mains power supply 230Vac
  • Switching power supply/battery charger 1.4A @ 27.6Vdc (for SmartLine020) or 4A @ 27.6Vdc (for SmartLine036)
  • Battery housing for two 7Ah - 12V batteries (for SmartLine020) or two 17Ah - 12V batteries (for SmartLine036)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD for SmartLine020): 325x325x80mm - (HxWxD for SmartLine036): 497x380x87mm
  • Weight (without batteries): SmartLine020= 3Kg; SmartLine036= 6Kg
SmartLine036: conventional control panel with 4 zones expandable to 36
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