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Дополнительное оборудование контрольных панелей



Inner Range Pty Ltd
Inner Range are world leaders in the design and manufacture of state of the art access control and security solutions.  Подробнее


Universal Expander 16 zone, PCB, connectors
Код продукта: 995004EXPIN
This Universal Expander module offers you an additional 16 Zone inputs, 8 Auxiliary outputs and 2 Siren drivers for your Concept 4000 system.  ...
Universal Expander board for Universal Expander
Код продукта: 995006IN
The 16 Zone Expander Board provides a cost-effective  addition of another 16 zone inputs to the Universal Expander,  as well as extra detector ...
Mini Expander Module
Код продукта: 995086PSIN
The Mini Expander module provides a cost effective solution when you require only a small number of Zones and Auxiliaries. The Mini Expander module...