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Bakeka is different from all the other key cabinets: it consists of a metallic truck structure (on the top). Keyrings, with their particular form, are put into the hole situated in the entry point; then they are moved along the structure up to the setting position. To take them out, on the contrary, they are moved from then location up to the exit point. Near these two points, there is a mechanism that prevents the keyring from being pulled out or inserted without authorization: the transponder at the keyring base, must be read and related to the user, that now must identity himself. If user is authorized to use that key, system unlocks and the keyring can go on. 
Images sequence shows these operations.
Bakeka is a stand-alone product. It has an internal computer based on Tibbo microprocessor, the same of Keybox and Keybox maxi. Feautures aredescribed in the COMPUTER form. Data exchange with the central database (see Software form) is made via LAN or Wi-Fi.


KeyControl Box, that is not a stand-alone device, must be controlled by an external computer. This may be the Tibbo computer or a normal Windows P.C.
KeyControl Box can hold from 1 to 6 KeyControl one modules, with or without key lock.
To open to KeyBox' door, user badges his card or types the PIN CODE on the keyboard. After user identification, computer unlocks the door and lights the leds corresponding to the keys that operator can take (authorized or reserved). Now user can take or give back keys with a time-out that is fixed on parameters. After this time, leds are lighted off. User can take only keys is KeyControl one’s modules without lock. At the end the operator closes the door: computer records every key movements and stand-by for a new user. Abuses may be reported to the system administrator (for the modules without lock).


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Rein Palis
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Pegaso Technologies srl
Pegaso Technologies srl was created in 2005 by four people with a long experience in IT and Industrial Automation fields. Pegaso Technologies srl  products are key management systems and access control systems. Подробнее


Bakeka base System with on board Computer Pegaso
Код продукта: BKXBASE
Tecnical specifications   Power supply 15V cc Working temperature -20° c +5...
Tibbo Computer Pegaso
Код продукта: TIBBO
It is based on Tibbo microprocessor mounted in an expansion board.  It may be used to control KeyBox and KeyControl one modules. Also It can be u...