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Inner Range Pty Ltd
Inner Range are world leaders in the design and manufacture of state of the art access control and security solutions.  Подробнее


Concept 4000 Control Module (128K) with plugpack in medium low profile enclosure
Код продукта: 995002EUIN
The Control Module is the core of your Concept 4000 deployment. This unit integrates access control, security management and building automation features...
Lan Isolator
Код продукта: 995080IN
This LAN Isolator protects your Concept system with optical isolation of LAN wiring and enables you to configure your system in an optional LAN 'loop' mo...
Lift Interface Board
Код продукта: 994020IN
The optional Lift Interface board enables extensive control and monitoring of lift car operation and floor access. Up to 32 floors may be controlled and...
Relay Extension Cable for Lift Interface Board
Код продукта: 995019IN
If there is a requirement to install Relay Expander Boards  away from their controlling module, or a need to connect  more than one Relay Expan...
Ethernet + 1 port UART
Код продукта: 995090IN
Serial UARTs: This serial UART module provides four software configurable, high-speed serial ports for your Concept 4000 Control Module. It enables...
512K Memory Upgrade Chip
Код продукта: 995016IN
Installing a memory upgrade will enable you to cater for your larger system requirements.
CLOE Ethernet Bridge
Код продукта: 995093IN
Concept LAN over Ethernet Interface (CLOE) provides a convenient interface for the Concept RS485 LAN to be distributed over standard TCP/IP ethernet netw...