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Wireless fire alarm system


FireCell uses a Hub and Cluster infrastructure and can be either a 100% wireless system or a combination of wired and wireless loops depending on the application.  Using a fire resistant cable, the Wireless Hub connects to the loop input/output of the CIE. Each Hub supports up to four wireless loops.


Using this option a system can be configured with both wired and wireless loops and a four loop CIE could, for example, have a single wireless loop with three hard wired loops.


A FireCell system can be single loop, two loop or four loop and support up to 126 devices per loop and 504 devices per panel (four loops). These can be wired or wireless devices depending on the configuration. Each loop must be dedicated as wired or wireless although Radio Loop Modules (RLMs) can be added to the wired loop for localised wireless devices. Larger systems, with up to eight panels, can be wirelessly networked using the EMS Radio Network Communicator (RNC) and support up to 4,032 devices.


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