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Interface - USB to RS485


Preces kods: RUD-1

RUD-1 is an universal, portable communication interface dedicated to Roger access control devices. Product has been designed for installers, who use laptops for configuration and management of Roger access controllers and readers.


RUD-1 is small, handy and easy to connect (USB port). Unit is powered straight from the USB port and has built-in supply module which provides 12V voltage for programmed device.


RUD-1 can be used for:


  • Communication with RACS access control system
  • Configuration and management of PR series access controllers from PR Master software
  • Configuration and management of PRTxxEM and PRTxxMF series readers from RARC software
  • Firmware upgrade in PR series access controllers
  • Firmware upgrade in PRTxxEM and PRTxxMF series readers
  • In other applications as USB to RS485 converter

RUD-1 can work with following versions of programs:


  • PR Master v4.3
  • RARC v1.3
  • RogerISP v4.0
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Interface - USB to RS485
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