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Westerstrand Urfabrik AB
WESTERSTRAND URFABRIK AB was founded in 1906 as a manufacturer of clocks for the Swedish market. Today we develop, market and produce time systems and information boards for use in public communication, industry, retail and spo... Sīkāka informācija


Multisport LED 250 Westerstrand
Preces kods: 11762100
Basic LED250 Multisport with one built in penaltytime/team. Basic module that can be combined with add-on modules. Weight 30kg Dimensions: 20...
Sporditabloo LED 190 Westerstrand
Preces kods: 11760100
Sporditabloo LED 140 Westerstrand
Preces kods: 11723050
Universaalne sporditabloo Sobib levinuimate mängude jaoks. Kaal 15Kg. Punaste dioodidega ekraan. Sisse ehitatud sireen. Puldiga juhitav (j...


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