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Bracket for TITAN and P-Rex series
Preces kods: 31070008
Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting
Surface contact 64x13mm
Preces kods: BSE201WH
Magnet type Surface mounting     Colo...
Glass break detector
Preces kods: 31060001
Analogue analysis Adjustable sensitivity Adjustable frequency range Sensitivity to sounds between 2 and 10 kHz Opera...
Recessed contact 19mm
Preces kods: BR1012WH
    Magnet type Recessed ...
Recessed contact 19mm metal door
Preces kods: BR1021WH
Magnet type Recessed     Size ...
Teletek Titan AG PIR, PET up to 12kg
Preces kods: 31060016
90° coverage area in 54 zones Operation range from 1,5m to 15m Temperature compensation High white light immu...
Teletek Titan MW PIR+AM, PET up to 15kg
Preces kods: 31060030
Dual technology (PIR + MW) detector AntiMasking and AntiSpray function Digital Analysis Cylindrical lenses 90° cover...
Surface contact 50x14mm
Preces kods: BS2033
Magnet type Surface mounting     Size...
Metal contact 73x30 mm
Preces kods: BSD3015
Magnet type Metal     Size ...


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