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ROGER was established in 1991. Its area of activity is designing and manufacturing security electronic devices, especially in the field of electronic access control.  Daugiau informacijos


Access Control System Management - four additional door locks
Produkto kodas: RACS4-SAL-LIC-2
The RACS software pack consist of several programs which are dedicated to administration and management of all aspects of Roger access control system. ...
Interface - RS232 to RS422
Produkto kodas: UT-3Roger
RS232 - RS422 interface.
Interface - RS232 to RS485
Produkto kodas: UT-2
RS232 - RS485 interface.
Interface - USB to RS485
Produkto kodas: RUD-1
RUD-1 is an universal, portable communication interface dedicated to Roger access control devices. Product has been designed for installers, who use lapt...
Interface - USB to RS485
Produkto kodas: UT-2USBRoger
USB - RS485 interface.
Interface - serial RS to Ethernet
Produkto kodas: UT-4Roger
RS232/RS485/RS422-Ethernet interface.
Interface - RS485 to Ethernet
Produkto kodas: UT-4DRRoger
UT-4DR operates as TCP/IP communication bridge between RACS 4 access control system and managing computer. Interface can work either in local (LAN) or wi...


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