ROGER loodi 1991. ROGERi tegevusalaks on valve- ja läbipääsusüsteemide arendamine ja tootmine. Lisainfo


Administraatori lugeja, 13.56MHz Mifare
Tootekood: RUD-3
RUD-3 is a miniature reader and writer for 13,56MHz ISO/IEC 14443A and Mifare standard proximity transponders. The reader is supplied from serial USB por...
Administraatori lugeja, EM 125kHz
Tootekood: RUD-2
RUD-2 is a miniature reader for EM 125 kHz proximity transponders. The reader is supplied from serial USB port which is also used for communication with ...
Distantskaartide programmeerimise komplekt, 13.56MHz Mifare
Tootekood: CPK-2
13.56 MHz Mifare cards programming set. CPK-2 includes: PRT66MF proximity reader, 10pcs. of not programmed Ultralight proximity cards, RUD-1 communicatio...
Distantskaartide programmeerimise komplekt, EM 125kHz
Tootekood: CPK-1
EM 125 kHz cards programming set. CPK-1 includes: PRT66EM proximity reader, 10pcs. of not programmed Q5 proximity cards, RUD-1 communication interface.
Kommunikatsiooni liides RS232-RS422
Tootekood: UT-3Roger
RS232 - RS422 interface.
Kommunikatsiooni liides RS232-RS485
Tootekood: UT-2
RS232 - RS485 interface.
Liides USB- RS485
Tootekood: RUD-1
RUD-1 is an universal, portable communication interface dedicated to Roger access control devices. Product has been designed for installers, who use lapt...
Lukk metallkorpustele
Tootekood: ML-1
ML-1 - Mechanical lock designed for mounting in metal enclosures ME-1, ME-2-S, ME-5 and ME-5-S.
Tootekood: ME-2-S
Metal enclosure with 80VA transformer, key lock and assembly kit prepared for installation of RACS 4 modules.
USB-RS485 liides
Tootekood: RCI-2
RCI-2 allows for communication with serial device operating in the RS485 standard via USB PC port. Generally, this interface has been designed for RACS a...
Kommunikatsiooni liides USB-RS485
Tootekood: UT-2USBRoger
USB - RS485 interface.
Võrgu kommunikatsiooni liides RS232/RS485/RS422
Tootekood: UT-4Roger
RS232/RS485/RS422-Ethernet interface.
TCP/IP liides RACS 4 süsteemile
Tootekood: UT-4DRRoger
UT-4DR operates as TCP/IP communication bridge between RACS 4 access control system and managing computer. Interface can work either in local (LAN) or wi...


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