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Alates 1989. aastast on Paradoxi eesmärgid orienteeritud revolutsiooniliste toodete arendamisele. Paradox alustas muljetavaldava liikumisandurite seeriaga , mille patent on kasutusel tootmisel veel tänapäevalgi. Lisainfo


ACM12 läbipääsumoodul
Tootekood: 500-4500
Transformer Sharing: Use one transformer to power multiple modules that have this feature Grant access via card and/or panel access code wit...
HUB2 isolaator
Tootekood: 500-4220
Divide the bus into two completely isolated outputs (if one output fails, the other will continue to function) One input port, 2 completely ...
HUB4D Isolaator
Tootekood: 500-3034
Compatible with EVO48 and EVO192 Divides the bus into four completely isolated outputs (if one output fails, the others will continue to fun...
IP150 Internet moodul
Tootekood: 500-4910
SSL support for sending secured emails via a secure sockets layer; a protocol for encrypting information over the Internet HTTPS support for...
IPR512 GPRS/IP Monitoring Receiver
Tootekood: 500-4900
1024 Supervised Paradox GPRS/IP Modules : High-speed supervision for up to 1024 Paradox control panels using a PCS Module or IP150 Internet Module. ...
PCS250 GSM/GPRS moodul
Tootekood: 500-4925
Compact, sleek design Report events to the IPR512 GPRS/IP Monitoring Receiver and/or IPRS-7 IP/GPRS PC Receiver Software Report via ...
PGM4 4-kanaliga väljundmoodul
Tootekood: 500-4224
Compatible with Compatible with E55/E65 (V2.00), MG/SP (V3.00) and EVO 4 fully programmable 5A relay outputs Deactivate PGM after ev...
PS-817 toitemoodul akuga 12V 1,1A
Tootekood: 500-4950
13.8Vdc, 1.75A switching power supply Fuseless electronic protection with automatic restore Automatic transfer to backup battery pow...
PS17 toitemoodul (BUS monitooring)
Tootekood: 500-4949
1.7A switching power supply Fully supervised (AC, battery, low battery and auxiliary limit) Selectable battery charge current (350mA...
REM101 pult
Tootekood: 500-5310
Water resistant Panic function allows user to instantly send panic signal to monitoring st...
REM15 4 nupuga pult
Tootekood: 500-5315
 Slim, ergonomic design Water resistant Perform up to 5 different actions ...
REM2 2-suunaline 4 nupuga pult
Tootekood: 500-5320
 Supports StayD (Version 2.0 or higher) System Status Memory: The REM2 will keep the last system ...
REM3 pult
Tootekood: 500-5330
 Compatible with MG5000, MG5050, and Spectra SP series V3.00 (or higher) and RTX3 V1.31 (or higher) ...
SB100 seina/lae kinnitusjalg (NV500)
Tootekood: 500-1508
For use with the NV500 High Performance Infrared motion detector 2 in 1; wall and ceiling mount bracket Innovative design allows for...
Seadmekast 255*205*80
Tootekood: 500-6551
 Provision for multiple module and panel mounting Many punch-out holes for simple wiring ...
Seadmekast 290*280*80
Tootekood: 500-6550
 Provision for multiple module and panel mounting Many punch-out holes for simple wiring ...
SR120 juhtmevaba sisesireen
Tootekood: 500-5262
 Compatible with MG Series V4.0 and SP series V4.0 (except SP4000) when using an RTX3 V1.5 Built-...
SR150 juhtmevaba välisireen
Tootekood: 500-5266
 Compatible with MG Series V4.0 (except SP4000) and SP series V4.0 when using an RTX3 V1.5 Built-...
VDMP3 häälrobot
Tootekood: 500-4933
Compatible with SP series (V2.10 or higher), MG Series (V2.10 or higher), EVO control panels and PCS200 GSM module Record a ""Site...
WB101 randmerihm
Tootekood: 500-5312
Accessory for the REM101; convenient wrist strap for quick and easy access  
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