Setronic Verona


Product features 

  • Complete directional stability over time

  • Operating distance 10 to 200 m 

  • Connections by serial line RS485, 4 wires 

  • Sensitivity adjustable and selectable over a wide range, using the control unit CSRLS 

  • High immunity threshold to avoid the environmental disturb with the DUST,  FROST and PRO versions of the Controller 

  • Automatic  threshold compensation

  • Automatic Test alarm function

  • Maintenance request

  • Automatic reset of detector after break in infrared beam

  • Fault output relay that can be delayed up to 90 seconds

  • Self-tester for RS485 communication

  • Angle misalignment : 1 degree max 

  • Power supply 24V DC


For more detail information please view technical presentation.



Rein Palis
+372 6550646


SETRONIC Verona S.r.l.
SETRONIC Verona S.r.l. on optiliste liiniandurite ja suitsuandurite tootja. Lisainfo


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