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ROGER loodi 1991. ROGERi tegevusalaks on valve- ja läbipääsusüsteemide arendamine ja tootmine. Lisainfo


Uksekontroller 1 uksele trükkplaat
Tootekood: PR411DR-BRD
Electronic module of PR411DR access controller without plastic enclosure.
Intelligentne uksekontrolleri komplekt
Tootekood: PR402DR-SET
PR402DR-SET consist of PR402DR access controller and PS-10ACDR (18VA) power transformer factory preinstalled in metal enclosure with place for 7Ah/12V ba...
Roger biomeetriline lugeja sisetingimustesse
Tootekood: F7Roger
F7 biometric fingerprint reader identifies a user from up to 500 templates stored in its memory without use of a card or PIN. The F7 can be used as a slave ...
Kaugdistantsilugejad 60cm, välistingimustesse, EM 125kHz
Tootekood: GP60Roger
Long range EM 125 KHz cards reader. Up to 60 cm reading range can be achieved when using EMC-3 cards, Wiegand26 and Magstripe (clock & data) out...
Distantskaart, trükitav, EM 125kHz
Tootekood: EMC-1
EMC-1 - EM 125 KHz ISO size thin PVC proximity card, photo ID pictures and text printing possible with dedicated PVC printers. Features: ...
Rogeri proxy võti, tilga kujuline
Tootekood: EMKF-1Roger
EMKF-1 - EM 125 KHz key fob, reading range may be reduced by approx. 50% when using the fob versus the card .   Features:   ...


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