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Pelco on Soome juhtiv tulekahjuja turvasüsteemide arendaja ja tootja.  Lisainfo


EPP-20A Tulekahjuteatenupp lühiseisolaatoriga süvis
Tootekood: 06723700
Addressable call points EPP-20A is used in addressable ESMI FX fire detection system.
EPP-22A Tulekahjuteatenupp lühiseisolaatoriga süvis
Tootekood: 06723701
Addressable call points EPP-22A is used in addressable ESMI FX fire detection system.
EDI-10 analoog-adresseeritav ioon suitsuandur
Tootekood: 06720210
The Intellia ionisation detector EDI-10 uses a low activity radioactive foil to detect fires by irradiating the air in the smoke chambers and causing a c...
EDI-20 analoog-adresserritav optiline suitsuandur
Tootekood: 06720220
The Intellia optical smoke detector EDI-20 is suitable for slow burning or smouldering fires and should be positioned where these are most likely to occu...
EDI-50 analoog-adresseeritav temperatuuri andur
Tootekood: 06720250
The Intellia heat detector EDI-50, distinguishable by the low airflow resistant case, uses a single thermistor to sense the air temperature around the de...
Tootekood: 06720012
The Intelligent Deep Base is a mounting base for Intellia products which has an increased depth which allows for cables to be inserted into the side of t...
EBI-11 kinnituskand lühisisolaatoriga
Tootekood: 06720011
The EBI-11 isolating base senses and isolates short circuit faults on FX Fire Detection Panel loops and is intended for use with Intellia detectors.
EMI-301 Väljundmoodul lühiseisolaatoriga
Tootekood: 06727301
The loop powered EMI-301 Module provides voltagefree, single pole, change-over relay output. The EMI-301 module has one voltage free changeover relay out...
EMI-301/S Sireenimoodul lühiseisolaatoriga
Tootekood: 06727351
The EMI-301/S Module with Isolator is designed to control a zone of sounders powered by an external DC supply. The sounders will be switched to sound con...
EMI-310 Sisendmoodul lühiseisolaatoriga
Tootekood: 06727310
The EMI-310 module is designed to monitor the state of one or more single-pole, volt-free contacts connected on a single pair of cables. Reports open and...
EMI-310/CZ Alamahelamoodul lühiseisolaatoriga Intellia
Tootekood: 06727341
The loop powered EMI-310/CZ Conventional Zone-Module with Isolator powers and controls the operation of a zone of conventional detectors. The Intellia se...
EMI-311 Sisend-väljundmoodul lühiseisolaatoriga
Tootekood: 06727311
The EMI-311 module has one monitored switch contact input and one voltage free change-over relay output with double contacts. The EMI-311 module is fitte...
EMI-311/240 Sisend-väljundmoodul lühiseisolaatoriga
Tootekood: 06727361
The EMI-311/240 module provides a monitored switch contact input and a voltage-free, single pole change-over relay output. This unit is designed to switc...
EMI-333 Sisend-väljundmoodul lühiseisolaatoriga
Tootekood: 06727333
EMI-333 module has three monitored switch contact inputs, operated as parallel, and three change-over relay contacts, controlled as parallel. The loop co...


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