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Rein Palis
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Kombineeritud andur
Tootekood: CAPT340
The photo-thermal sensor will respond quickly to fast clean burning fires yet maintain the advantage of optical sensors when detecting smouldering fires....
Optiline suitsuandur isolaatoriga
Tootekood: CAP320
The optical sensor is suitable for most applications giving the fastest response to slow burning or smouldering fires which give rise to large visible sm...
Temperatuuri andur
Tootekood: CAH330
The heat sensor can be set to one of 3 modes 77ºC / 92ºC and rate of rise. These sensors are designed to be used in environments where the ambient condit...
Adresseeritava anduri kinnituskand
Tootekood: CAB300
The intelligent addressable sensor standard base has been designed for flexibility, simplicity and speed of installation. The is compatible with th...
Tulekahju teatenupp pindpaigaldus karbiga
Tootekood: CBG370S
These intelligent addressable callpoints are attractively designed, simple to install and are supplied as standard with a frangible glass element and a t...


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