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Administrator reader, EM 125kHz


Product Code: RUD-2

RUD-2 is a miniature reader for EM 125 kHz proximity transponders. The reader is supplied from serial USB port which is also used for communication with the device. The RUD-2 can be used as card enroll reader for access control system or any other application which requires card reader. Card can be enrolled straight from the PR Master (version 4.3 is required) or using dedicated Roger MiniReader application. For programmers who want to integrate RUD-2 with their systems the dynamic library DLL is available.

The RUD-2 reader can be connected directly to the controller's USB socket or using a cable with magnetic stand provided together with a reader.

RUD-2 can be used for:

  • as a reader for card enrolling to the RACS access system
  • as a reader for card enrolling through Roger MiniReader application
  • as a reader used in third party applications using a DLL library provided
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Administrator reader, EM 125kHz
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