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  • Combination of Matrix and Mixer Mode
  • 8 slots for modules
  • 4 priorities selectable
  • 2 DSP output channels included
  • 10-band parametric equalizer
  • Ducker-function (priority)
  • Aluminum front panel and steel case
  • For rack-mounting, 2 units height
  • Colour: black
  • Up to 16 panels can be connected to 1
  • M-9000M2 by using a RC-001T control module
  • Panels can be cascaded
  • Different modules, remote panels and a sensing microphone for individual adjustment to the ambient noise
  • Easy to use software with new functions


Toa Electronics
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Digital Matrix & Mixer
Product Code: M-9000CE
Power Source AC Mains, 50/50 Hz Power Consumption 40W ...


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