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Farfisa access control


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Martin Tsirihhov
+372 6550646


ACI Farfisa Intercoms
ACI Farfisa Intercoms is Italian intercoms systems manufacture since 1967. The continuous search for solutions to improve product functionality and reliability transforms ACI Farfisa into a market leader both at national and internat... More details


Proxy card reader, Profilo
Product Code: FP52PL
System Stand alone Mounting surface mou...
Proxy kaardilugeja, Mody FP52
Product Code: 693011000
  System Stand alone Mounting ...
Keypad, Profilo FC52pl
Product Code: 693007500
  System Stand alone Mounting ...
Keypad, Mody FC52
Product Code: 693007100
Autonoomne koodpaneel. Alumiinium esine, roostevabast terasest nupud. Kaks programmeeritavat releed. 4 programmeeritavat koodi 2-6 kohalised, ig...
Keypad FC42
Product Code: 693006000
Autonoomne koodpaneel. Roostevabast terasest nupud.ja esipaneel. Kaks programmeeritavat ukse avamise releed. 12 programmeeritavat koodi 1-8 koha...
Keypad, IP45, FC32P
Product Code: 693005100
System Stand alone Mounting flush mount...
Keypad FC21E
Product Code: 693001500
  System Stand alone Mounting ...


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