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Farfisa access control



ACI Farfisa Intercoms
ACI Farfisa Intercoms is Italian intercoms systems manufacture since 1967. The continuous search for solutions to improve product functionality and reliability transforms ACI Farfisa into a market leader both at national and internat... More details


Proxy card reader, Profilo
Product Code: FP52PL
System Stand alone Mounting surface mou...
Proxy kaardilugeja, Mody FP52
Product Code: 693011000
  System Stand alone Mounting ...
Keypad, Profilo FC52pl
Product Code: 693007500
  System Stand alone Mounting ...
Keypad FC42
Product Code: 693006000
Autonoomne koodpaneel. Roostevabast terasest nupud.ja esipaneel. Kaks programmeeritavat ukse avamise releed. 12 programmeeritavat koodi 1-8 koha...
Keypad FC21E
Product Code: 693001500
  System Stand alone Mounting ...


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