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Facade clocks


Advertising clocks, large-size clocks, and facade clocks are more than just a mere public display of time. As artistic objects of design, they attract the attention of people, bring cityscapes to life, gracing facades, and enriching the atmosphere of a variety of buildings.


Sales manager

Martin Tsirihhov
+372 6550646


Tower clock hands max 2m diameter
Product Code: 11530201
Includes hour and minute clock hands, lenght per oder.
Tower clock mechanism LMV-50F, up to 2 m
Product Code: 11500000
Tower clock mechanism LMV-180, up to 2 m
Product Code: 11500200
Tower clock minute and hour marks
Product Code: 11530202
Includes 12 colored marks.
Tower clock mechanism LMV-255, up to 2m
Product Code: 11500400
Tower clock mechanism LMV-X, up to 2m
Product Code: 11500600


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