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Door entry systems


An door entry system is a stand-alone voice or video communications system for use within a building or small collection of buildings, functioning independently of the public telephone network. Intercoms are generally mounted permanently in buildings. Many schools and office buildings now use audio / video systems to identify visitors trying to gain access to a locked building.
Door entry system consists of both outside and indoor elements: a outdoor panel on the outside, an electronic lock release and an indoor station or monitor. 

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ACI Farfisa Intercoms
ACI Farfisa Intercoms is Italian intercoms systems manufacture since 1967. The continuous search for solutions to improve product functionality and reliability transforms ACI Farfisa into a market leader both at national and internat... More details


myCom GSM door station, 1 button
Product Code: PL11G_FARFISA
The door station “myCom” uses GSM technology; therefore few elements and just a power supply are requested: this allows to have a complete and reliable c...


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