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Data network


Most of nowadays communications are digital, which gives us freedom to plan our time and speed up transactions. Everything is just one click away and accessible anytime and this is provided by almost invisible data network. Small cable hiding in a wall or in a cable trunking may seem unimportant. While choosing computer or phone technical information is rarely missed, they are often checked and compared and within possibilites we choose fastest forgetting that actual network speed depends on how much cable can carry. The decisions about network should be made while planning and making sure they are followed afterwards.

Most common mistakes which can cause problems later are:

  • cable lenght over 100m
  • continuations of broken cable
  • sharp (<90 degrees) angles


Ethernet cables have different idintification classes:

Category 5e -  Support frequencies up to 100MHz and speed 10/100/1000MbE.

Category 6 - Support frequencies up to 250MHz and speed 10/100/10000MbE/10GbE (short distances).

Category 6a - Support frequencies up to 500MHz and speed 10/100/10000MbE/10GbE.

Category 7 - Support frequencies up to 600MHz and speed 10/100/10000MbE/10GbE/100GbE (future).

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