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Hundreds of installations all over the world have been completed over the course of many years of development of AKIS queue management systems. This is encouraged by the ‘international’ character and universality of the system. Here are just a few further advantages of the solution: a multilingual user interface; support of many languages, including those written in Cyrillic and Latin alphabets, Baltic languages, Arabic, Armenian, Georgian, and others; support of many terminals by a single server; support of various methods of client identification, including magnetic and proxy card readers, ID scanners, barcode scanners, etc.; and numerous statistical data processing and reporting features.
     AKIS PRO solutions are the favourite choice of organisations which are looking not only for client flow management but also want to ensure the efficient use of their resources.

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Rein Palis
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AKIS Technologies UAB
AKIS Technologies is a private capital company established in 1990, specialising in information processes and automated system technologies. More details


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