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Since 1989, Paradox goals have driven the development of revolutionary products. Paradox started with an impressive line of motion detectors whose patents are still used today.  More details


IP150 Internet Module
Product Code: 500-4910
SSL support for sending secured emails via a secure sockets layer; a protocol for encrypting information over the Internet HTTPS support for...
ACM12 4-Wire Access Control Module
Product Code: 500-4500
  Transformer Sharing: Use one transformer to power multiple modules that have this feature Grant access via card and/or panel ac...
APR3-PGM4 4-PGM Output Module
Product Code: 500-4224
Compatible with Compatible with E55/E65 (V2.00), MG/SP (V3.00) and EVO 4 fully programmable 5A relay outputs Deactivate PGM after ev...
B101 Bracelet
Product Code: 500-5312
Accessory for the REM101; convenient wrist strap for quick and easy access  
HUB2 Hub Isolator
Product Code: 500-4220
Divide the bus into two completely isolated outputs (if one output fails, the other will continue to function) One input port, 2 completely ...
HUB4D Hub and Bus Isolator
Product Code: 500-3034
Compatible with EVO48 and EVO192 Divides the bus into four completely isolated outputs (if one output fails, the others will continue to fun...
IPR512 GPRS / IP Monitoring Receiver
Product Code: 500-4900
1024 Supervised Paradox GPRS/IP Modules : High-speed supervision for up to 1024 Paradox control panels using a PCS Module or IP150 Internet Module. ...
Metal box 255*205*80
Product Code: 500-6551
 Provision for multiple module and panel mounting Many punch-out holes for simple wiring ...
Metal box 290*280*80
Product Code: 500-6550
 Provision for multiple module and panel mounting Many punch-out holes for simple wiring ...
PCS250 GPRS/GSM Communicator Module
Product Code: 500-4925
Compact, sleek design Report events to the IPR512 GPRS/IP Monitoring Receiver and/or IPRS-7 IP/GPRS PC Receiver Software Report via ...
PS17 Power Supply Module
Product Code: 500-4949
1.7A switching power supply Fully supervised (AC, battery, low battery and auxiliary limit) Selectable battery charge current (350mA...
PS817 Switching Power Supply
Product Code: 500-4950
13.8Vdc, 1.75A switching power supply Fuseless electronic protection with automatic restore Automatic transfer to backup battery pow...
REM101 Emergency/Panic Remote Control
Product Code: 500-5310
Water resistant Panic function allows user to instantly send panic signal to ...
REM15 Remote Control with Backlit Buttons
Product Code: 500-5315
 Slim, ergonomic design Water resistant Perform up to 5 different actions ...
REM2 MAGELLAN 2-Way Remote Control with Backlit Buttons
Product Code: 500-5320
 Supports StayD (Version 2.0 or higher) System Status Memory: The REM2 will keep the last system ...
REM3 Hand-Held Two-Way Remote Keypad
Product Code: 500-5330
 Compatible with MG5000, MG5050, and Spectra SP series V3.00 (or higher) and RTX3 V1.31 (or higher) ...
SB100 wall/ceiling mount bracket
Product Code: 500-1508
For use with the NV500 High Performance Infrared motion detector 2 in 1; wall and ceiling mount bracket Innovative design allows for...
SR120 Indoor Wireless Siren with Built-in Strobe Light
Product Code: 500-5262
 Compatible with MG Series V4.0 and SP series V4.0 (except SP4000) when using an RTX3 V1.5 Built-...
SR150 Wireless Siren with Built-in Strobe
Product Code: 500-5266
 Compatible with MG Series V4.0 (except SP4000) and SP series V4.0 when using an RTX3 V1.5 Built-...
VDMP3 Plug-In Voice Module
Product Code: 500-4933
Compatible with SP series (V2.10 or higher), MG Series (V2.10 or higher), EVO control panels and PCS200 GSM module Record a ""Site...
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